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Website privacy policy

Privacy Policy

The company "Hozek Engineering Ltd." (hereinafter "the Company") has decided to publish its policy regarding the protection of privacy on the Websites and is committed to abiding by this policy towards the user because it respects the privacy of users of the websites it operates (hereinafter "the Websites")

This policy explains the Company's practices regarding users' privacy on its websites and how the Company utilizes data that users supply to it or that the Company collects while using the websites

You provide information when using the website's services, which is collected. Your name, address, the goods and services you bought or asked to sell, the payment methods you used, and other details may be used to identify you individually. This is the data that you deliberately submit, such as when you register for services on a website. Some of the data is not stored with your details and does not directly identify you. This data is statistical and compiled. Such information includes the advertisements you read on the website, the sites you looked at, the deals and services you were interested in, your IP address from which you entered the website, and more.

Registration for services

The company will only ask you for the information necessary for the direct provision of services or for the purchase of products, as is required when personal details are needed during registration for services on the websites or when making purchases on them.


The company will be responsible for and store the obtained data in its database

The use of the information

The information gathered will only be used in compliance with this privacy statement or as mandated by law, and solely to

Make it possible to use a variety of services on the websites

Enhance and expand the services and information provided on the websites

Modify or discontinue current services and content

Use the websites to make purchases of goods and services, as well as to publish material and information

Tailor the advertisements that are shown when you visit a website to your preferences

The majority of the information utilized by the business will be statistical data that does not directly relate to you

Direct Email

The business would like to occasionally email you with information about its services as well as marketing and advertising materials

Only with your express approval will such information be supplied to you, and you have the right to revoke your consent at any time and stop receiving it

Your personal information will not be made available to advertisements by the business. The transfer of statistical data regarding website user behaviour is permitted, nevertheless

The statistics that will be transferred will not contain any personal information about you

Sharing information with third parties

Except in the following circumstances, the business will not disclose your personal information or the information about your website usage to other parties

The essential information will be transferred to these third parties in order to complete the transaction process if you buy goods and services from third-party merchants who make them available for purchase through the websites

In the event that the disclosure of your personal data is necessary in connection with a legal dispute between you and the business

If you engage in behavior that is illegal on the websites

If the firm receives a court order compelling it to give your personal information or details of your activities on the website to a third party

In the event that the company merges with another entity or transfers its website operations to a third party corporation, provided that the third party accepts the terms of this privacy statement on your behalf. If the company sells or otherwise transfers its website operations to a third-party corporation


Cookies are necessary for the website of the company to function properly and consistently, including gathering statistics about website usage, confirming information, adjusting the website to your specific preferences, and ensuring information security

A cookie-rejection option is available in modern browsers. Consult your browser's help section if you're unsure how to proceed

Third-party advertisements

The business lets other businesses control the online advertising programmed on its websites. The websites' computers are where you'll find the advertisements when you visit them. Some companies install cookies on your computer to manage their advertisements. The cookies provide them the ability to gather data regarding the websites where you saw their advertisements and which ones you clicked. These firms' privacy policies, not the company's privacy policy, govern how they utilize cookies

Information Security

The business uses modern techniques and procedures on its websites to secure data. These procedures and techniques reduce the dangers of unauthorized access, but they do not offer complete protection. As a result, the company cannot guarantee that the information saved in its services will be totally safe from unauthorized access.

Right to access information

Every individual has the right to access information that is kept on them in a database, per the Israeli Privacy Protection Law of 1981. When someone reviews their information, they have the option of asking the database owner to update or remove any that they deem to be inaccurate, lacking, unclear, or out-of-date

Such a request should be addressed to Lilac sparrow

P.O. Box 22158, Tel Aviv, Zip code: 61221

Phone: 03-6555155

Fax: 077-4448145

Email :

Also, in accordance with the Israeli Privacy Protection Law of 1981, you have the right to request in writing that any information about you that is being used for personal contact by the company be removed from its databases

Changes to the privacy policy.

A notification will be posted on the main page of the websites in the event that there are any material modifications made to this privacy policy regarding how the personal data you have submitted will be used

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