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Strength Engineering Ltd

Management and Supervision of Construction and infrastructure projects

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Our Customers

Planning offices (engineering and architecture), industrial facilities, the Ministry of Defense, the Prime Minister's Office, the Binui Center, Shikun and Binui, investment firms, the Airports Authority, Rishon Lezion Municipality, Neve Shuster, local governments, government bodies and institutions, academic institutions, developers and building contractors, Israel Railways, Route 6, private companies, and private customers are just a few of the clients we serve.

Construction Workers

Our Team

At Strength Engineering, we have a successful team of engineers, architects, and consultants who are at the core of each project's engineering work. Strength Engineering employs some of the greatest specialists currently on the market, and each team member possesses in-depth and crucial management and engineering experience. Our teams will support your project during its crucial phases.


Our Specialty

Strength Engineering deals with many different aspects of an engineering project, from the planning and initiating stages to the project management, execution, and testing stages. We have particular expertise in the following areas, among others:
Project management and coordination for infrastructure and construction
controlling the construction process at all phases
Organizing and management


Why work with Maof?

Since 1994, Strength Engineering has focused on all phases of management, execution, and control for building and construction engineering

The business has been leading the way in building safety engineering, consulting, and planning since it was founded.

Every construction project is different from the others and has its own special qualities. We approach every project as a fresh challenge and work to set the bar high for Israeli construction companies. We work with the design of buildings, making sure that they are strong, stable, and load-resistant, among other things.

Using the most cutting-edge technological tools available in Israel, we stick to engineering planning within the parameters of each project while operating in accordance with applicable planning and construction legislation. In order to precisely establish the adjustments or engineering needs necessary to ensure that your project is safe and complies with these standards, our engineers can undertake accurate measurements and evaluations using these methods that meet all necessary criteria.

Among other things, we keep in touch with all the important project stakeholders from the project's inception through its many phases and completion. We use expert teams for each project, and every member has extensive and crucial managerial and engineering skills. With the assistance of the planning, design, and construction teams, the teams work together throughout the project's lifespan.

In addition, during the entire project, our professional teams work in full cooperation with contractors, entrepreneurs, architects, various execution engineers, construction project managers, water engineers, landscape architects, consultants and various planners, as well as transportation engineers, environmental engineering and more

Additionally, throughout the duration of the project, our professional teams collaborate fully with builders, business owners, architects, different execution engineers, construction project managers, water engineers, landscape architects, consultants, and other planners, as well as with transportation engineers, environmental engineers, and more

We can help you oversee the various project components throughout the supervision phase so that you can stick to the established schedules and budgetary constraints. Also, and equally as significant, we ensure that the construction adheres closely to the building specifications at every stage, paying attention to even the tiniest of details. We will carefully assess if the project was finished in accordance with the standards and engineering principles outlined at the outset, and determine whether repairs or alterations are necessary, at the conclusion of the project. Up until the project is flawless and error-free, we continue to monitor and provide advice.

Our engineers are among the top professionals in the fields of structural engineering and skeleton design. We are experts in the

engineering design of simple or complex buildings, including homes, offices, industrial buildings, storage facilities, halls, various infrastructure structures, bridges, and more.

 !We assure you that your engineering project is in safe hands - and it is safe


Projects that our company has carried out in recent years


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3 Yosef Sapir St. Ramat Gan

Phone: 03-730-2024

Fax: 03-730-6663

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